How to Restore Deleted & Lost Data from Huawei Honor V10

Commonly, with the progress of present age and the development of technology, we use our mobile phone more and more fluently. Huawei, as a noted brand in china, has developed more and more muture. In the light of official news, its new product—Huawei Honor V10 will be issued next month. It’s reported that it has a 5.99 inch display, kirin 970 processor. In reality, in the era of full-screen, the phones of all brands are about the same, but the glorified mobile phone will be able to depend on AI to differentiate the other phones on the kernel. Of course, the more we use our cell phone, such as Huawei Honor V10, the more data will be stored in our phone, after all, it will has high running speed so we can do a lot of things with it. We are able to take more photos, record more videos, save more files and contacts, etc..

However, more and more data is stored on your Huawei Honor V10, which poses a greater risk of data loss. Can you imagine missing some important data like contacts, text messsages, photos or videos on your Huawei Honor V10?

Do you have a habit of backing up your data? I think it’s necessary to back up some vital data, or you will be desperate when some data have lost. However, if you do not have this habit and lose your important data unfortunately, you still have a good solution. Now let me tell you how to recover delected and lost data.

Actually, there is a world first data retrieval software for any Andriod devices which is named Dr.fone – Android Data Recovery, also convenient and practical. It has plenty of specialties. Firstly, it can get your files back immediately in various situations, whether you damage the screen so that it becomes black and shows nothing on it or can’t get into the system for unknown reasons or so on. Secondly, it can scan your device so you can preview data for free and know whether your lost data can be recovered. Thirdly, it supports you to recover plentiful data, including photos, messages, contacts, call logs and so forth. It’s flexiable so you can just choose what you need. What’s more, the software will not leak any data on your device, your provacy will be protected perfectly. In addition to these, there are more useful features to explored. Do you agree that this software is practical?Do you want to recover some delected data in a short time? With this recover tool, you can recover more deleted data and save your time. Now let me show you some simple steps of recovering deleted and lost data from Huawei Honor V10 to help you master the methods.


Steps to Recover Delected and Lost Data from Huawei Honor V10

Step 1. Run the software and connect your Huawei V10

To begin with, please install and run the program on your computer, then click the “Recover. Next, you can concatenate Huawei Honor V10 to the computer via USB line. Meanwhile, please insure you have enabled USB debugging on your phone. Once your device is detected, you can catch sight of the screen as follows.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

After succeeding in concatenating your device to the computer, Android Data Recovery will display all the file types it supports to recover. Generally speaking, it has checked all the file types. Data both delected and subsistent on your device are displayed in categories. You can just select the type that you have an inclination to recover. For instance, if you feel like to recover videos, you can click the “Videos” in the cagalogue of the recover-content.

However, if your phone is not rooted, Android Data Recovery will offer two choices: Scan for deleted files or Scan for all files. You are able to click the “Scan for all files”, although it will take longer time, it will scan for files more drastically.

And then press “Next” to go on the data recovery course. The program will analyze your device firstly. After that, it will carry on scanning your Huawei Honor V10 to revert deleted data. The scanning course may last a few minutes, it hinges on to the amount of data on your device. It’s worthwhile to wait for something meaningful, isn’t it?

Step 3. Preview and recover the selected data

After scanning, you can preview the found data one by one. If you can’t search the file you need, you can type a keyword in the search box on the top right of the window. After choosing the files, you can press the “Recover” button to save them all on your computer. By the way, please don’t make your phone and computer lost track until the process has completed. Otherwise it will be noneffective and take you more time to wait.

Friendly reminder: If you have found the data you need, just put the check mark in front of the box to select them. After then, click the “Recover” button at the bottom right of the window. In general, the recovered data will be stored to your computer.