How to Restore Deleted & Lost Data from Huawei P10

Huawei P10 is beyond the era of mobile phones, marking a major advance in the mobile phone industry, because it is equipped with artificial intelligence AI. This is the world’s first artificial intelligence phone.In other areas, it is not only equipped with Kirin 965 processor, 4G run memory and curved screen, but also joined the rear of the Leica dual cameras, front fingerprint recognition home buttons and a 5.5 inch 2K screen. I was attracted by the new phone, and I bought it at once. But because I always play with the phone, so the data is very confusing, a lot of useful data are lost. I want to restore them, what should I do?

Android Data Recovery is a software specifically designed to recover data, which will definitely help you solve problems and restore the data you want. It has the highest rate of recovery in the industry, helping a lot of people want to restore the data and do not know how to do. Android Data Recovery can not only recover accidentally deleted data, but also can recover the data lost due to System Crash, forgotten password, damage, Data lost after factory restore and other reasons. This software is powerful and easy to operate. Many people who use it for the first time can recover their data quickly and safely. So, it’s a piece of cake for it to recover the deleted data from Huawei P10, as well as any other Huawei smartphones and tablets.

Next, we will explain in detail how to use this software to restore your lost and deleted date from Huawei P10, please continue reading below.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Huawei P10

Step 1. Please download and install Android Data Recovery in advance on your computer, and then run it. At the same time, connect your Huawei P10 to the computer with the USB cable.

Note: Please make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your mobile phone in connection, and allow the program to detect your phone.

Step 2. Next, the software displays all the data types that can be recovered, such as photos, videos, call history, contacts, etc.. You just need to choose the types you want. And then click “Next” to continue the data recovery process.

Step 3. Then you can choose the scan mode, divided into “Standard mode” and “Advanced mode”. If you are the first time to use this software, in order to restore the data faster, we recommend that you use the “Standard mode”, if you can not find the data you want, then select “Advanced Mode”. Now, click “Start” to scan your phone.

Note: There might be a superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click “Allow” to continue. If not, just skip this step.

Step 4. The scanning process will not take up too much of your waiting time. When the scan is complete, you can see all the specific items that can be restored. Select the data what you want and click “Recover”, then the data will be automatically saved in your computer.

Notes: The found data contains the existing and the deleted. If you want to separate existing and deleted data, turn on the button of “Display deleted files only” or use the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result. Besides, in order to ensure that your data security and the recovery efficiency, please do not disconnect your Huawei P10 with computer during the whole recovery process.