5 Best Ways to Recover Deleted and Lost Data/Photos/Contacts/Messages on Xiaomi MIX FOLD

Summary: We will produce a lot of data in your mobile phone every day in our work, study and life. In the era of big data, the importance of data is more and more concerned. If you lose or accidentally delete important data on your mobile phone, what should you do? This article will teach you how to recover the deleted or lost data on Xiaomi Mix Fold!

Xiaomi Mix Fold has brought more immersive experience to users by virtue of its own research on C1 chip, as well as the first four speaker system, Dolby vision dobby horizon, which was adjusted by Haman catkin ear. With 8.01 inch screen, it can bring excellent visual experience to users. It can improve the 3A algorithm (auto focus (AF), automatic exposure (AE) and automatic white balance (AWB), dark light focusing ability and painting quality, which will bring more accurate automatic white balance, auto focus, automatic exposure and imaging quality, and the picture is clearer and more detailed. Xiaomi Mix Fold first launched four speaker system, the symmetrical design of double 1216 speaker is located on the screen side, with 0.65mm super amplitude and 1.34cc equivalent sound cavity. It is held by 15V smart PA, and the loudness is increased by 40%.

In the face of such a mobile phone which is bound to be sought after by young people, are you in the pit? When you have such a mobile phone and find that important data is lost or accidentally deleted on it, what will you do? Don’t worry. Following the steps in this article, we will teach you how to recover these important data.

Part 1 Restore Data from MI Cloud to Xiaomi Mix Fold

Every user of Xiaomi has Mi Cloud, which is used to backup important files, such as contacts, pictures, videos, SMS, etc. You can use this method if you have previously backed up files on your old phone to MI Cloud.

Step 1: Make sure your Xiaomi Mix Fold has sufficient power, then unlock your Xiaomi Mix Fold and connect it to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Launch the “Settings” app on your phone, click “Mi accounts” to log in to your Mi Cloud account.

Step 3: Click “Restore from backup” and select the file to recover from the Mi Cloud, and then click “Restore using this backup” to restore the selected backup to your Xiaomi Mix Fold.

Part 2 Directly Recover Data on Xiaomi MIX FOLD without Backup

You may lose data due to some unexpected operations, such as accidental deletion. If you want to recover these important data after being deleted, you need a reliable third party to help you complete the recovery. Here are two reliable third party data recovery softwares.

The first software be used to recover the deleted and lost data from Xiaomi Mix Fold is the Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery is the world’s 1st data recovery software that allows you to recover deleted and lost data including photos, videos, SMS, call logs, contacts, text messages, WhatsApp messages, and other files from almost all Android smartphones, such as Xiaomi, Redmi, Huawei, Honor, vivo, OPPO, Samsung, Google, ZTE, OnePlus, Realme, and so on.


Step 1: Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer, then run it and select “Android Data Recovery” mode on its homepage.

Step 2: Connect your Xiaomi Mix Fold to the computer with a USB cable, and operate according to the prompts given by the program, so as to establish the connection between the program and your phone, then click “OK”.

Step 3: When the program recognizes your phone, you need to select the file types to be recovered, and then press “Next” to begin to scan your phone for the lost contents.

Note: If you are prompted to install the corresponding plug-in and agree to related authorizationv during scanning, please allow it, because it will be beneficial to your data scanning.

Step 4: After scanning, all the found files will be listed by categories on the left sidebar, you can click to preview them one by one. After selecting the files to be recovered, click “Recover” to save the selected files to your computer.

Tip: If you can’t find the file you want, please click “Deep Scan” to scan the phone again, which will spent more scan time, but will find more lost data on your device.

The second software to recommended is the Best Data Recovery, which supports the recovery of deleted and lost data including photos, videos, audio, documents, emails and more from mobile phones, computers, hard disks, flash memory, memory cards, digital cameras, etc.


Step 1: Download and install Best Data Recovery, then run it and connect your Xiaomi Mix Fold to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2: The program will quickly detects your phone, then select the file types and your phone’s disk name in the primary interface, and click the “Scan” button to start scanning your phone for the lost files.

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview all the found files in detail, or directly use the “Filter” feature to quickly locate the data you need to recover. Then select the files as you need, and click “Recover” to recover them to your computer.

Tip: As the same, if you can not find the needed data, please don’t worry, click the “Deep Scan” button to rescan your phone and find more lost data.

Part 3 Restore Data from Backup Files to Xiaomi MIX FOLD

In this part, we will show you with two simple ways to restore data from backup file to your Xiaomi MIX FOLD, the one is to use the Android Data Recovery software, and the other is to use the Mobile Transfer software.

Android Data Recovery also allows you to extract the files you want to restore from the backup files and restore the selected files to the specified device.

Step 1: Run Android Data Recovery and click “Android Data Backup & Restore”.

Step 2: Connect your Xiaomi Mix Fold to your computer with its USB cable, and select “Device Data Restore” on the page. If you want to restore the whole page, please click “One-click Restore”.

Step 3: Select the backup file in the list, and then click “Start” to extract the recoverable file from the selected backup file.

Step 4: After extraction, select the file to be restored, click “Restore to Device” to restore it directly to Xiaomi Mix Fold, or click “Restore to PC” to save it to the computer.

Mobile Transfer is also a powerful data recovery software with many data management functions. It can synchronize the data in the backup file to any supported device. If you have different types of backup files, you can follow the following steps.


Step 1: After downloading and installing the Mobile Transfer, run it on the computer. Then select the “Restore From Backups” option on the homepage, and select “Mobiletrans” or any other items according to the backup file you saving in your computer.

Step 2: Connect your Xiaomi Mix Fold to the computer with its USB cable, and select the backup file as you need in the list.

Step 3: After the program recognizes your device, select the file types to recover, and then click “Start Ttransfer” to synchronize the selected files to your Xiaomi Mix Fold.

Tip: You can use the “Clear data before copy” feature to wipe all data on your Xiaomi MIX FOLD before restoring data.