How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Xiaomi Mi 9T

Summary: This article tells the most simple way to get back the deleted and lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp messages, audio and more data from your Xiaomi Mi 9T even had no backup.

How to recover data from Xiaomi Mi 9T is a problem I have been eager to solve recently. Because I have a careless girlfriend, she accidentally deleted the photos and text messages on her mobile phone. So, she’s been in a bad mood lately. I believe that the deleted data can be recovered. I searched many methods on the Internet, but the results were not very satisfactory. The main reason is that these methods are not compatible with the Xiaomi Mi 9T, and cannot extract deleted data from the phone. Is there really no way to retrieve deleted data?

Don’t be discouraged, deleted data can be recovered from Xiaomi Mi 9T. When you use the Xiaomi Data Recovery, your problem is solved. Xiaomi Data Recovery has very strong compatibility, in addition to Xiaomi, almost all Android devices can use it to restore data, including the latest models and Android systems. With the help of this tool, you can easily recover all kinds of data, including text messages, photos, contacts, music, videos, call history, WhatsApp messages, audio and so on. At the same time, the operation of the software is simple, you can easily retrieve the deleted data. More importantly, the recovery success rate of the software is very high, and it can meet the needs of users to the greatest extent.


If you are using Xiaomi Data Recovery for the first time or are not familiar with the operation process, please read the following tutorial.

Steps to Restore Deleted and Lost Files on Xiaomi Mi 9T

Step 1. Download and install Xiaomi Data Recovery to your computer. Start it automatically when done. Select “Android Data Recovery” on the interface. Make sure that the remaining battery on your Xiaomi Mi 9T is over 20% and plug it into your computer.

Step 2. You need to have USB debugging enabled on your Xiaomi Mi 9T for this process to work. If you don’t know how to enable USB debugging mode, you can follow the onscreen instruction from the program. After that click “OK” on your computer.

Step 3. Next, select the files you need and scan them. And then click “Next”.

Step 4. Now tap Allow/Grant/Authorize when the Super User requires authority. If you don’t see this requirement, you need to install this application from the program and click “Retry” to try again.

Step 5. When the whole scanning process is over, all the results are displayed in front of you and you can preview them. Then select the file that needs to be restored, and then click “Recover”.

Note: Please do not run other apps and disconnect your phone during the whole recovery process.

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