How to Recover Data Contacts from Water Damaged S7/S7 Edge

Although Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge has a very good water resistance, but my Galaxy S7 has experienced an extreme challenge.

My cell phone was in my pocket last night, but I forgot to take it out. When I realized the problem, the phone was put into the washing machine. I immediately turned off the washing machine and found my cell phone. Sadly, my S7 can’t be used, this is my new Samsung S7. Let me more sad is that the phone cannot be used now, there are a lot of information I do not back up, especially contacts, where can I find the contacts and other important data?

Samsung Android Recovery is a secure data recovery software. It has a strong ability to recover deleted and lost data. You can restore the contents such as contacts, text messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, audio files, videos, documents, and so on. It also can help us to recover these data from broken, black srceen, bricked and even water damaged Android phones, not just Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, etc.


Steps to Recover Data Contacts from Water Damaged Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Step 1. Run the Program and Connect Your Phone

Please download and install Samsung Recovery software on your PC, then click on “Broken Android Data Extraction” in the primary interface. At the same time, the Samsung S7 or S7 Edge need to be connected to the computer through its USB data line.

Step 2. Choose the Files Types Your Wanted

You need to choose the type of files which you wanting to restore. The software supports Contacts, Messaging, Call history, WhatsApp messages & attachments, Gallery, Audio and more. You can choose the files according to your needs. When your check is completed, click on the lower right corner of the “Next ” to go on.

Step 3. Choose a Fault Type for Your Phone

You need to choose the fault type. One is “Touch cannot to used or cannot enter the system”, and the other is “Black screen (or the screen is broken)”. Please depending on the water damaging degree of your phone, and choose one of them.

Then, the program will automatically skip to the next step. At this time, you will be asked to choose your phone’s name and model. Then, click on the lower right corner of the “Next”.

Note: Currently this function only works for some of Samsung devices in Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab series.

Step 4. Enter Download Mode on Your Phone

Please enters the download mode by using the following steps:

The first step, power off the phone.
The second step, press and hold Volume “-“, “Home” and “Power” button on the phone.
The third step, Press “Volume +” button to enter download mode. When the above steps are completed, click on “Start”.

Step 5. Make Your Phone Being Analyzed

Please connects your mobile phone to the computer again, this time the program will automatically analyze your phone and scan for the lost files.

Step 6. Preview and Recover the Data from Your Galaxy Phone

After that, the program will show you all the scanning result in the window, you can preview them one by one, and selecting to restore the files you needed by hitting “Recover” to save all of them to your computer.