How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from vivo Y3s/Y5s/Y7s/Y9s

Summary: This is an article about how to use the vivo data recovery software to recover lost and deleted data from vivo Y3s/Y5s/Y7s/Y9s even if without backup.

As we all know, vivo is a global mobile Internet smart terminal company, dedicated to creating superior smartphone products for consumers. The vivo Y7s is such a product with high cost performance and superior value. In the core configuration, the vivo Y7s uses a 6.38-inch Super AMOLED drop screen, equipped with MediaTek Helio P65 processor, equipped with 6GB of memory + 128GB of storage, 16 million pixels front, 16 million main camera + 8 million super wide angle + 2 million depth of field Three shots, the battery capacity is 4500 mAh. vivoY7s not only supports screen fingerprint recognition, but also supports Face Wake facial recognition.

For the vivo Y7s, a cost-effective mobile phone with superior value, I believe that many loyal fans of vivo will buy it immediately after the sale of vivo Y7s, such as my friend John. However, when John used the vivo Y7s, his data on the new vivo Y7s was lost due to some of his mistakes. In the face of this situation, John did not know what to do to recover the lost data on his phone. So he came to ask me right away.. Just my experience in this area, I quickly used vivo Data Recovery to help him recover the data on his phone. I believe that not only a user of John does not know what to do to recover lost and deleted data in the phone. So below I will show you how to use vivo Data Recovery to recover lost or deleted data in your phone.

Vivo Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software. It has three recovery modes, namely “Android Data Recover”, “Broken Android Data Extraction” and “Android Data Backup & Restore”. With these three modes, it can help users recover almost any lost and deleted data, such as contacts, videos, audio, photos, call history, WhatsApp messages, messages, documents, and so on. Not only that, but vivo Data Recovery is also super compatible. It is compatible with most Android phones on the market, including not only vivo, but also Huawei, Samsung, ZTE, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, Nokia, etc.. With Vivo Data Recovery, you will be able to safely and quickly recover lost or deleted data on your phone.


Directly Recover Deleted and Lost Files on vivo Y3s/Y5s/Y7s/Y9s without Backup

Step 1: Connect the vivo Y3s/Y5s/Y7s/Y9s to computer

Download and install vivo Data Recovery on your computer and launch it. Select “Android Data Recover” mode on the vivo Data Recovery page, then connect the vivo Y3s/Y5s/Y7s/Y9s to your computer using USB.

In this process, you need to perform USB debugging on the vivo Y3s/Y5s/Y7s/Y9s. If you don’t know how to operate, vivo Data Recovery will prompt you according to the Android version of your phone.

Step 2: Select the files to be recovered for scanning

After a successful connection, you can see all the data you can recover on the Vivo Data Recovery page. Select the data you need to recover and click “Next” to scan.

Before the software scans the data on your phones, the program needs your authorization to continue. Now, when the superuser needs authorization, click Allow/Grant/Authorize. If you do not see such a requirement, you need to install the application and click “Retry”.

Step 3: Preview and restore selected data

Once the scan is complete, you can see each specific item of the selected data on the page. Preview the data you need to recover and select them, then click on “Recover” to restore it to your computer.

Tip: Do not disconnect the vivo Y3s/Y5s/Y7s/Y9s from your computer during data recovery.