How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from vivo V15/vivo V15 Pro

Summary: This article tells the most simple and effective way to restore the deleted and lost data from your vivo V15 and vivo V15 Pro even if without backup.

Not long ago, vivo officially announced that it will release a new vivo V15 Pro phone on February 20. For detailed parameters, the front camera of the vivo V15 Pro phone will be equipped with a 32-megapixel AI smart wide-angle lens, and the rear camera will be equipped with 48 million + 8 million + 5 million pixel AI three-shot lens. On the processor side, the vivo v15 Pro phone will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chip. This chip is the 5G version of the Snapdragon 670, which means that the vivo v15 Pro phone will also support 5G communication. Of course, there are also news that the rumor is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor, the specific official did not give a reply.

As vivo V15/vivo V15 Pro user increases rapidly today, the questions about how to recover deleted or lost vivo V15/vivo V15 Pro files also become popular. However, the solution to completely recover the deleted or lost vivo V15/vivo V15 Pro sms, photos, contact, media and so on is by using Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery is a practical and helpful data recovery assistant, which can recover lost and deleted data including call logs, photos, videos, audios, contacts, text messages, WhatsApp messages and so on from almost all Android devices and SD card. In addition, because of its massive function of recovery, making it can also recover data from the Android which has system crack or the broken Android. What’s more, if you want to restore and backup your phone data, unlock your Android without losing data, this assistant can meet your hope. Next I will take recovering deleted data from vivo V15/vivo V15 Pro as example to tell you how to use this software.


If you are using Android Data Recovery for the first time or are not familiar with the operation process, please read the following tutorial.

Steps to Restore Deleted and Lost Files on vivo V15/vivo V15 Pro

Step 1. Launch the software and connect your vivo V15/vivo V15 Pro to PC

To beginning with, please download and run this powerful Android data recovering software on your computer. Then connect your vivo V15 or vivo V15 Pro to the computer via USB cable. After managing to concatenate your phone, the program will detect it by itself.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone

In order to initiate the data-recovery process, you need to empower the debugging mode on your phone. If you don’t open it, the program will facilitate you to do. It will detect your Android version and teach you how to open the USB debugging mode on your phone. Just follow the instructions. When finishing it, click “OK” button to start the next step.

Step 3. Select the data types you want to recover

After connection, all the recoverable file types on your vivo V15/vivo V15 Pro will be displayed in the interface. It’s flexible so you can choose the file types you tend to recover. For instance, you can select the “Photos” to recover your deleted photos. Then click “Next” button to scan the selected data.

Before the software scans the data on your phones, the program needs your authorization to continue. Now, when the superuser needs authorization, click Allow/Grant/Authorize. If you do not see such a requirement, you need to install the application and click “Retry”.

Step 4. Preview and recover the selected data

When the scanning is complete, all types of files will be listed in categories on the left column. You are able to check the detailed information of each data. Preview and select the data you have an inclination to recover, and then click “Recover” button to complete the recovering process.

Note: Please do not run other apps and disconnect your phone during the whole recovery process.

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