How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Samsung W20 5G

Summary: This article will introduce you to two simple and reliable ways to recover lost or deleted data from the Samsung W20 5G no matter with or without backup.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Samsung and China Telecom launched the Samsung W20 5G. The Samsung W series is aimed at the high-end business elite, so it is very powerful in terms of design and performance. Samsung W20 5G is equipped with Samsung’s mature 5G technology and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which provides a strong backing for the use of its 5G network. As a folding screen phone, the Samsung W20 5G folds the external screen to 4.6 inches, making it easy to control with one hand. The unfolded inner screen is a 7.3-inch super-sensing flip screen. In addition, the Samsung W20 5G has six internal and external lens designs, including a rear 16 megapixel super wide-angle camera, a 12 megapixel standard wide-angle camera, and a 12 megapixel telephoto camera. The internal screen is equipped with a 10 megapixel and 8 megapixel dual camera. Support 4K video shooting, and join the full-screen large-screen viewfinder experience and artistic blur effect; the external screen is equipped with a 10 megapixel front-fast camera, which can quickly enter the self-timer interface and support AI beauty and other designs.

For the Samsung W20 5G, I think many high-end elites can’t wait to buy. However, after purchasing the Samsung W20 5G for a period of time, data may be missing due to your own mistakes or virus attacks. In the face of this situation, I believe that some users may be annoyed because these lost data may be their very important data. And they are worried that seeking help from others may lead to data leakage. For this situation, I would like to introduce a data recovery software for such users – Samsung Data Recovery. Because using Samsung Data Recovery can help you safely recover deleted or lost data in Samsung W20 5G.

Samsung Data Recovery is a software designed to recover data. Samsung Data Recovery can help you recover, no matter what the problem is caused by data loss or deleted data. Use Samsung Data Recovery to help users recover all deleted or lost data, including contacts, photos, videos, audio, call logs, text messages, memos, emails, and more. In addition, as a professional data recovery software, Samsung Data Recovery is also super compatible. Samsung Data Recovery is compatible with all Android phones on the market, such as Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, OPPO, LG, Google, Meizu, Xiaomi, vivo, OnePlus and so on. Use Samsung Data Recovery to recover lost or deleted data, you don’t have to worry about data being compromised, because Samsung Data Recovery can guarantee users’ privacy.


Part 1 Directly Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Samsung W20 5G

Step 1: Connect the Samsung W20 5G to your computer using USB

Download and install Samsung Data Recovery on your computer and run it. Select “Android Data Recovery” mode on the Samsung Data Recovery page, then connect the Samsung W20 5G to your computer using USB.

Note: During the connection process, you need to perform USB debugging on the Samsung W20 5G. If you don’t know how to debug USB, Samsung Data Recovery will prompt you according to your Android version. You can do this by following the prompts.

Step 2: Select data and scan

Once you have successfully connected your computer, you can see all the data that can be recovered on the Samsung Data Recovery page, such as contacts, call history, photos, videos, audio, text messages, and more. Select the data according to your needs and click “Next” to scan.

Step 3: Preview and restore selected data

After scanning, each specific item of the data type selected in step 2 will be displayed on the Samsung Data Recovery page. Preview them as needed and check the data you need to recover. Then click “Recover” in the lower right corner of the page to restore it to your computer.

Tips: During the data recovery process, please do not disconnect the Samsung W20 5G from the computer, otherwise data recovery may fail.

Part 2 Restore Data from Backup to Samsung W20 5G

Step 1. Run the program and click “Android Data Backup & Restore” option in the primary interface.

Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung W20 5G to your computer.

Step 3. Chose a features to restore your data from backup, both “Device Data Restore” and “One-click Restore” can achieve this purpose.

Step 4. Choose the suitable backup from the backup list, then click “Start” button to preview and restore data from the selected backup to your Samsung W20 5G.