How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from OPPO Ace2

Summary: The main content of this article is how to recover the lost and deleted data from OPPO Ace2 no matter with or without backup.

In the core configuration, OPPO Ace2 uses a 6.5-inch 90Hz flexible straight screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform, front 16 million pixels, rear 48 million main camera + 8 million super wide angle + 2 million light leakage portrait + 2 million retro portrait lens , Support NFC. The battery capacity of Ace2 is 4000mAh, which can be fully charged in 56 minutes at the same time. At the same time, it supports 65W wired super flash charging, charging for 5 minutes and black for 2 hours. Moreover, it supports up to 10W wireless reverse charging, and has passed the safe wireless fast charging certification of TüV Rheinland, which is safe and stable. In terms of camera photography, OPPO Ace2 also has a flagship-level configuration, equipped with 48 million ultra-clear four shots, of which the 4800W main camera can synthesize “100 million pixel” photos with a resolution of 12032 × 9024 through the super-resolution algorithm. The front camera supports the ultra-clear night scene effect, bringing a more accurate night scene photography experience. In video shooting, it supports ultra-clear video anti-shake, ultra-wide-angle video, and can realize intelligent editing, automatic matching music and other functions. Ordinary users can also complete professional-level video content production.

OPPO Ace2 is a very cost-effective mobile phone. However, in the process of using the mobile phone, we found that no matter how good the product is, it may cause data loss for some reason. For example, you accidentally deleted important data when you cleaned your phone, accidentally deleted it by a child, inexplicably lost data, and so on. At this time, you need Android Data Recovery, which can help you perfectly solve this problem.

Android Data Recovery can help you recover deleted and lost data faster, more efficiently, and more safely, such as contacts, text messages, call logs, audio, videos, pictures, WhatsApp messages, documents, etc.. Whether it is due to a virus attack, a broken screen, water in the phone or accidental deletion by the user, the data in OPPO Ace2 is lost. As long as the data is stored on the phone, it can support recovery. Compared with other data recovery methods, it has several highlights. First of all, it is very easy to use, just perform a few simple steps. In addition, it has super compatibility and is compatible with all Android phones on the market, such as OPPO, vivo, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Meizu and other brands. And its safety is very high. It will neither disclose your information nor harm your data.


Part 1 Directly Recover Data from OPPO Ace2 without Backup

Step 1: Connect your phone and computer

First download, install and run the program on your computer, then click “Android Data Recovery”, and finally connect the OPPO Ace2 to your computer with a USB cable. At this time, the connection progress bar will appear on the main interface.

Step 2: Enable the USB debugging of OPPO Ace2

After fully entering the program, it will automatically detect your Android version, you need to turn on USB debugging according to the steps provided by the program, and then click “OK”.

For Android 2.3 or earlier:
Open “Settings”> “Application”> “Development”> check “USB debugging”.
For Android 3.0 to 4.1:
Open “Settings”> “Developer options”> check “USB debugging”.
For Android 4.2 and latter:
Open “Settings”, tab “Build number” for 7 times. Then back to “Settings” and choose “Developer options”> “USB debugging”.

Step 3: Select the data to scan

Now you can check the type of data you need to restore in the directory, click “Next” after confirmation. Then the program will scan your phone.

Note: Here, the program needs permission to scan deleted and lost data. If your device pops up, remember to click on the device’s “Allow” to ensure that the request is remembered. If no such window pops up on your device, please click “Retry” to try again.

Step 4: Preview and recover the selected files

After the scan is completed, the data types to be recovered are displayed in the form of a list on the main interface. Please preview and confirm the data types, and then click “Recovery”. All data that needs to be recovered will be saved on your computer. Please be patient. The length of time required for recovery is proportional to the amount of data recovered.

Part 2 Restore Data from Backup to OPPO Ace2

Step 1: Select the recovery mode

First download, install and run the program on your computer. After entering the program, you can see that the main interface has three modes, you need to click the “Android Data Backup & Restore” mode.

Step 2: Connect your OPPO Ace2 to computer

Use a USB cable to connect your OPPO Ace2 to the computer, please ensure that you’ve enable the USB debugging on your phone’s screen, so as the program can detects your device soon.

Step 3: Select a restore option

At this time, there are two “Device Data Restore” or “One-click Restore” options, you can choose any one, both can be used to restore the backup file, the difference between them lies in the time spent.

Step 4: Select data to recover

Finally, you need to select the desired backup in the backup list, and then select the required data from the selected backup. After selection, click “Start” to preview all recoverable file types in the selected backup.

Select the required data and click “Restore to Device” or “Restore to PC” to save them all back. During the entire data recovery process, please do not disconnect the phone from the computer.