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How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Mi 6/6 Plus

Mi 6 is the flagship machine officially released by the Xiaomi company in April 19, 2017. It has become the first mobile phone equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor in China. When it was released, I bought one for my girlfriend. However, I recently in the study of a problem, how to recover the deleted data from Mi 6? Because my girlfriend was in this confusion, she was upgrading the phone system and finally found that the data in her phone had been deleted.

In order to help her find and recover the deleted data, I downloaded several data recovery software from the Internet. Fortunately, there is still a piece of software that can solve my problem perfectly. With the help of Android Data Recovery, I succeeded in restoring the deleted data from my girlfriend’s Mi 6.

Android Data Recovery is the best data recovery software in the same type of software. Firstly, the software is suitable for all kinds of Android devices, such as Samsung, XiaoMi, HTC, Motorola, OPPO, HUAWEI, SONY and so on. Through a few simple steps, you can find and restore deleted text messages, contacts, call history, photos, audio and other data. This process is really easy. More importantly, its recovery will be more thorough. For example, you can easily restore the contact and its complete information, the recovered contacts can also be saved in a variety of forms, such as VCF, CSV, and HTML. For photos, no matter where these photos come from, such as downloading from the Internet, saved by mobile phone camera or even cached photos in the browser, it can effortlessly help you find them. For other data, I will not introduce them one by one. You can refer to the home page of the software for more. In short, it will solve all kinds of data recovery problems for us.


Directly Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Mi 6/6 Plus

Step 1. Launch the software on your computer

Firstly, download, install and run the Android Data Recovery to your computer. Then, use the USB line to connect your Mi 6/6 Plus. The program will automatically detect your mobile phone. You can see that the progress bar of the connection process is on the main interface.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone

Next, the program will prompt you to open the USB debugging on your Mi 6/6 Plus. It will automatically detect your Android version and provide you the steps to open the USB debugging. When you have done the operation on your Mi 6/6 Plus, click on “OK”.

Step 3. Select data type to restore

Now, what you see is a variety of data types. Please check the file types that you want to restore, and then click “Next”. The program begins to scan the data in the phone. The process will take a few minutes.

In this step, the program will check your device information and then try to get root permission. When the window as below occurs, go to your phone and tap on “Allow/Grant/ Authorize” to ensure the root request is accepted.

Step 4. Recovery data from Mi 6/6 Plus

When this scan is completed, all recoverable data are displayed on the main interface in the form of a list. You can preview the details to determine whether they are the data you need to recover. After selecting the file data that you need to restore, click “Recover”.

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