How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from HTC U11+

What about the new flagship U11+, an upgrade to the HTC U11? Let’s take a look at its configuration. First, the HTC U11+ uses the popular 18:9 screen design, which has a wider display area and a narrower frame border that makes the device look more modern. As the screen ratio increases, the fingerprint recognition area is moved to the back and easily to be touched.It is worth mentioning that U11+ has added the color of see-through black, making the back black and translucent, which has a different technological aesthetic. Actually, over the years, HTC has actually done well in mobile localization and software optimization. Let’s look forward to its future development.

As the saying goes, prepare for a rainy day. Do you have a habit of backing up your data? I figure that it’s better to backup our data in case we lose or delete them by accident, especialy something important. However, if you don’t have a backup and lose them unfortunately, you still don’t need to be gloomy. There is also a final solution. Have you heard of a software named Android Data Recovery? It gets a lot of admiration for recovering deleted or lose data. Last week, it was with the aid of this software that I managed to resotred my lost documents. I am indebted to it because that documents are extremely significant to me. Since it left a deep impression on me, I can’t wait to recommend it to you. Now please let me introduce it in detail.

Android Data Recovery is an outstanding software that can recover our lost data because of its extremely thoughtful design. To a degree, it’s the best tool to help us restore deleted or lost data. Now let’s take a look at its practical characteristics. Firstly, it enables us to recover lost or deleted data from internal memory, SD card and SIM card. What’s more, almost all kinds of Android devices are suitable, such as HTC, Meizu, Mi, ViVo, Huawei, Sony, Samusng, LG, OPPO, and so forth. The same applies to HTC U11+. Apart from these, it also assists us in restoring loads of deleted data, including Audios, Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Call Logs, Whatsapp, Ducements and more. The official website lists many of the data it supports, you can go to the official website to see if it supports the data you want to recover. Moreover, no matter for what reason that your data disappears, it can be retrieved. It just takes an instant to complete our instructions without any loss. I really appreciate its trait of saving time. Over and over, owing to the fact that this Android data management program will only read the Android data, it will not reveal our privacy on our device.

Now, please let me show you some simple steps of recovering deleted and lost data from HTC U11+.


Steps to Restore Deleted and Lost Files from HTC U11+ without Backup

Step 1. Run Android Data Recovery and connect your phone to PC

The initial procedure is to install and run this powerful Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then, in the primary interface, choose the “Android Data Recover” option. Concurrently, for the sake of geting your phone scanned, you need to concatenate the HTC U11+ to the computer via its USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone

Then so as to initiate the data-recovery process, you need to empower the debugging mode on your phone. Once your phone is scanned, some guidelines will appear on your Android version, which can help you open the USB debugging mode on your phone. Just follow the instructions, then click “OK” button to continue.

Step 3. Select the file types you want to recover

After connection, all file types on your phone will be displayed in the interface. It’s selectable so you can just pick out the file types you tend to recover. So to say if you need to recover lost messages, you can select the “Messages”. Afterward click “Next” button to scan the selected file types.

Step 4. Start the process of recovering data

After scanning, you can find all the messages in your phone. You can check the file types listed on the left column. You are able to view and choose the detailed messages you want to recover. At last, please click “Recover” to start the process.