How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from HTC Desire 830

Recently,many people raise a question – how to recover deleted or lost data from their device? Last month, a friend turned to my help. He incautiously deleted his significant call logs on his HTC Desire 830 and didn’t know how to restore them. Thus, today I am going to give a practical solution to tackle this common problem. Please read it carefully, maybe oneday you will also confront this problem.

Actually, when it comes to recovering deleted or lost data, a professional software can make a big difference. There is a software named Android Data Recovery – a received and practical tool to restore data. It has a lot of useful features. First of all, it applies to loads of Android devices, such as HTC, Samsung, ViVo, OPPO, Huawei, Mi and more. Apart from loads of devices, a large amount of deleted data is available, including Call Logs, Messages, Photos, Videos, Document, Audios, Whatsapp and more. You can visit the official website to see whether it supports your device and the deleted data you tend to recover. It can also recover data that in the internal momory, SD card or SIM card. Besides, no matter what data you recover, it can complete your instructions at a high speed. It can not only operates at a high speed, but also just scans the data on your phone and will not leak your privacy. So to say that it can restore deleted or lost data efficiently and reliably. Last but no least, it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge, anyone just need to follow its simple instructions to operate it.

In short, this is a piece of software worth considering when restoring data. To a degree, it’s the best tool to help us restore deleted or lost data. Having know so many practical features about Android Data Recovery, do you want to know how to operate it? Now please let me give you an example by showing the steps to get back deleted and lost data from HTC Desire 830 even without backup.


Steps to Get Back the Deleted and Lost Data on HTC Desire 830

Step 1. Choose and enable the recovery mode

First of all, you need to download and run this admirable software on your computer. At the mean time, connect HTC Desire 830 to your computer with its USB cable. After installing, choose the “Android Data Recover” option in the primary interface.

Step 2. Capacitate USB debugging

Then the software will start scanning your device, but you should empower the debugging mode on your phone first. Some guides will appear on your phone screen, follow them and complete the empower process. Then click “OK” button to continue.

Step 3. Choose the file types you want to recover

Then the data on your phone will be displayed in the interface in the instant that the scan process is completed. You are free to choose the file types that you need. So to say if you need to recover lost call logs, you can select the “Call Logs”. Afterward click “Next” button to scan the selected file types.

Step 4. Start the process of recovering data

After several minutes, you can find both lost and existing call logs are displayed. You are able to view and choose the detailed call logs you want to recover. At last, please click “Recover” to start the process. Please be patient, the whole process won’t take you too long to wait.

By the way, please ensure that your HTC Desire 830 and computer are connected well through the whole process, or else it’ll be not smoothly and will keep you waiting for a long time.