How to Recover Deleted & Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy A6/A6+

“What a disaster! A mother found out a few contacts on her Samsung Galaxy A6 were accidentally deleted by her naughty kid who stole her smart phone to play games. The desperate mother shouted at her poor kid. But after calming down, what should she do to recover those important contacts?”

Such disaster happens everyday everywhere. As time passes by, the contacts on the cell phone continuously increases. The contact list contains the phone numbers of important business partners, colleagues, family members, relatives, close friends, former classmates, neighbors, kid’s teachers etc. However, in our daily life, there are many factors, which may easily cause the data loss like improper operations, setting error or virus infection etc. Once the vital contact data are deleted, it will be very troublesome which would affect your career or life. Therefore, it is quite necessary to find a good solution to recover the most important data on the phone.

Dont worry, the easiest option is using data recovery software. One of the popular names is called Android data Recovery. Android data Recovery is a powerful data recovery solution for all Android-based devices. No matter what the case you loose the contacts, this program is able to recover the deleted contacts from your mobile phone without causing any damage as well as text messages, photos, videos, audio, call logs, WhatsApp messages and so on. In addition, this program is quite safe, fast and easy to operate! What is more, it enables you to preview your lost contact before recovery, and you can restore the lost contacts selectively.


Directly Restore Deleted and Lost Contacts on Samsung Galaxy A6/A6+

Step 1. Install and launch Android Data Recovery

First of all, simply click on the download button to save the installation file on the computer. Then follow the instructions to install it correctly. When the program is launched, click “Android Data Recovery” section.

Step 2. Connect Samsung Galaxy A6/A6+ to computer

Connect your Samsung Galaxy A6/A6+ to the computer via USB cable. During the whole recovery process, please do not disconnect your phone with computer.

Please turn on USB debugging on your device first and then click “OK” to allow USB debugging on the screen of your device when a request pops up. If the request does not pop-up, please disconnect your device and reconnect it to your computer to have a try again.

Step 3. Scan and analyze your Galaxy A6/A6+ for the lost contacts

Once you have enabled the USB debugging mode in your Galaxy A6/A6+, the program would automatically detect the device. It’s time for you to select “Contacts” then click “Start Scan” button to start the scanning. This may take several minutes. Please kindly is patient.

Then click “Next” button to scan the the deleted and lost data from your Samsung Galaxy A6/A6+.

Step 4. Recover Contacts from Samsung Galaxy A6/A6+

Once the software finishes scanning the data, it will automatically classify all the data. You can preview the data, then mark the contacts you need to restore, finally click “Recover” button and save it.