How to Permanently Delete Text Messages from iPhone

Question: “Hello, I am Lisa. Recently I bought an iPhone 6s. And I’m going to give my mom the old iPhone 5s which I used to use. But there are too many private messages in my iPhone 5s, such as iMessages, text messages, etc.. I don’t want my mom to see my messages. Because most of these messages are a conversation between my boyfriend and me. And my mom didn’t know I was fall in love with my boyfriend. If she finds out ,I’m bad. So my text messages must be fully deleted. I started to simply delete them, but I found that I can use the recovery software to get back my text messages which have been deleted. How can this be done? I really don’t want my mom to see these messages. Can you help me?”

Answer: “Hello, Lisa. Don’t worry. Your problem can be solved. Since you can think of using the recovery software to restore the deleted text messages, then why not try a wiping software to delete the iPhone text messages completely? iOS SafeEraser can help you.”

iOS SafeEraser provides the most secure way to delete everything on your iPhone, it is a reliable and effective tool. It can delete iPhone data permanently and thoroughly, including text messages, iMessages, call history, WhatsApp chat history, photos, videos, etc.. Well,next we will delete text message as an example to tell you how to use this iOS SafeEraser.

Note: Before you use the software, you’d better back up your text messages to PC, iTunes or iCloud. Because once you use SafeEraser to delete your text messages, you will never be able to get them backup even using the most professional data recovery tool.

If there is no doubt, please click the below buttons to download a trial version of iOS SafeEraser.


Step By Step to Permanently Delete Text Messages from iPhone

Step 1. You need to manually delete the unwanted text messages from your iPhone firstly.

Step 2. After downloading the software, please install and run it on your computer. At the same time, use USB to connect your iPhone to your PC, once your iPhone is detected, you can see the information of your iPhone in the left of the program.

Step 3. You can find that the software interface has five functions for you to choose. Here, you should choose “Erase Deleted Files” to go on.

Step 4. The program will automatically analyze and scan the files you have deleted. At the same time, the program will put these files in the left sidebar on induction. After the scan is complete, find and select “Text Message”. Next, click on the lower right corner of the “Erase Now”.

Step 5. Then it will pop up a window, when you read the three notes in the window, enter the “delete”. And click “Erase Now” once again. Text Message begin to delete, waiting for a moment, when all the selected data are being wiped, it will appear “successfully”.