How to Jailbreak Your iPhone iPad/iPod Touch on iOS 8

The lastest launched iOS 8.1, not only completely support Apple Pay, added some new functions, but also repair a lot of system problems. Whether to Apple Inc or the iOS users, it’a indeed a good news. Besides, for iOS users, the good news is more than one — Pangu launched the iOS 8 jailbreak tool, which enable to jailbreak iPhone iPad and iPod touch on iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.1. There is no doubt that it is a bad news for Apple Inc, but this is what users are worthy of excitement. So, how to jailbreak iPhone iPad & iPod Touch on iOS 8? Please don’t worry, just keep reading.

One Click to Jailbreak iPhone iPad & iPod Touch on iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.1 With Pangu

Preparatory Work:

1. Generally speaking, even if the jailbreak will not cause data losing, but in order not to lost data from your iOS device, so you’d better transfer iPhone iPad iPod Data to PC for backup before jailbreak, so that you can easily restore lost data after iOS jailbreak.

2. Turn Off iCloud and iTouch

(1) Tap “Settings” icon on your iDevice’s home screen, then drag off to find “iCloud” and click in it, after that close “Find My iPhone“.

(2) In the same way, tap “Settings” icon on your iDevice’s home screen, and drag off to find “Touch ID and Password“, if it’s at enable status, change it to disable.

3. Download and Install Pangu

Now you ought to download and install the Pangu jailbreak tool on your computer, and get ready to jailbreak your device(s). You can click the following link to download it: Download Pangu

Jailbreak iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.1 With Pangu:

Step 1. Run the Pangu jailbreak tool on your PC after installation

Then take out an Apple USB cable to connent your iDevice with the computer.

Step 2. Start Jailbreak

Once your device is detected, you are allowed to jailbreak your device now. Click on “Start Jailbreak” to let the program automatically jailbreak your iOS device. The whole jailbreak process will not spend you too much of time, just wait a moment.

Note: Please keep your iOS device connected during the jailbreak process.

Step 3. Reset your iPhone iPad & iPod Touch

Here, we take iPhone as an example to tells the steps: Unlock the device > Select WIFI (skippable) > Setting iCloud (skippable) > Set Find My iPhone (skippable) > Set Touch ID password (which can be skipped) > Start using your iOS device.

OK, now you have finished all the steps, enjoy your iOS device now.

In addition, some user reflect to us, their iPhone iPad stuck in recovery mode or they lost data from iDevice after iOS 8 jailbreak, that’s a piece of cake, because you can normally get them back from your backup file, merely some data file you can not directly restore from your iTunes or iCloud backup files, it doesn’t matter, you can click in to read more solutions from: