How to Permanently Wipe All Data and Settings from Sony

My Sony Z3 has been used for more than a year, now it often card. So I’m going to buy an iPhone SE. As it happened, the day before yesterday was my birthday. My boyfriend gave me a iphone se. So how do I deal with my old mobile phone? I want to sell it to the secondary market. So I have to delete all the information in the phone. I found that a simple factory setting does not completely guarantee that my privacy is not compromised. So, I have to use a more powerful way to remove them, how can this be done?

Mobile Eraser can put all your data in Android devices removed, there won’t be missing. Mobile Eraser can ensure your information security, permanently delete files, clear browsing history and cache to protect your personal information from iOS device. If you want to completely remove the data in your Android phone, Mobile Eraser has enough ability to solve. So, how to use it to delete your data?


One Click to Permanently Erase All Data and Settings from Sony

Step 1. Run the Program and Connect Your Sony to PC

Download and install Mobile Eraser on your computer. Then run it. At the same time, put your Sony mobile phone connected to the computer, please use an USB cable.

Note: You may be asked to install MobileGo connector on your device, please install.

Step 2. Choose the Wiping Mode

Program interface as shown below. Please click on one of the only features – Erase All Data to enter the next step.

Step 3. Wipe All Content from Your Sony

At this time, the window will ask you to enter the “Delete” in the text box. According to the requirements, input “delete”, and then click “Erase Now “.

Tip: If you use this software to delete your data, you will not be able to recover them by any software. So before that, you’d better back up your data on your computer.

Step 4. Restore Your Sony to Factory Settings

Wait a few minutes, after all the data erasure is completed, according to the instructions to reset your mobile phone.