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How to Unroot a Samsung Galaxy Phone

Rooting your Android phone is one of the best parts of the Android ecosystem, but this doesn’t have to mean that it is for everyone. Tinkering with the new Samsung Galaxy Phone can void the warranty, can lead to other errors or maybe you have simply discovered that you are not interested on what rooting has to offer.

Is this the case for you and your Samsung Galaxy Phone? Then, you also know about other negative aspects such as the fact that this may cause the latest Firmware Over-The-Air (OTA) update to fail and sending you an error message such as "The operating system on your device has been modified in an unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates using Smart Switch on your computer or visit a customer service center."

There are various methods to deny your device root access. For example, the first one that I can think of is by using Dr.fone - Android Toolkit.

Dr.fone - Android Toolkit can help you Root and unroot your Samsung Galaxy Phone in a timely manner. You can find powerful features in the interface, its rate is the highest in the industry. It can not only root and unroot your phone, but also recover the lost data due to the damage, the virus and the system crash. What's more, it also applies to almost all Android phones on the market, include HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung, Google, Huawei, OPPO, ViVo, etc.. This software has advantages of simple step, shortening operating time and so on. It can be restored to a variety of data, including contacts, SMS, music, video, calendar, photos, app, etc.. This software can help you recover your data quickly and safely.

Next, we will explain in detail how to use this software to Unroot a Samsung Galaxy Phone.


One Click to Unroot Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1. Select the Mode and Connect Your Phone

Download, install and run the dr.fone toolkit for Android on your computer. Then on the program's interface will has the choices of recovery mode, please choose the mode of "root". Next, please connect your Samsung Galaxy Phone to your computer.

Note: To let the program detect your phone successfully, please allow the USB debugging on your phone's screen.

Step 2. Uroot your Samsung Galaxy phone

After your phone is connected, then dr.fone will automatically recignize your Android phone. Click on the "Unroot" button to start unroot the phone. After a few seconds, your phone will be unrooted again.

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