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How to Unroot an Android Phone

As you all know, all the new Android phone in unrooted. It doesn't matter to some people, but it's an obstacle for people who love to use mobile phones, because it will limit your function. Root is the only superuser that exists in the UNIX system and the class UNIX system, which is equivalent to the SYSTEM/TrustedInstaller user in the Windows system. It has all the permissions in the system, such as starting or stopping a process, deleting or adding users, adding or disabling hardware, and so on.

However, it's easily to root your Android phone, how about unroot. Maybe you want to unroot for security reasons, or maybe you just don't need root for your favorite tweaks anymore. Or, perhaps you’re trying to sell your device, or get warranty service. Or maybe you just want to download an over-the-air update. Whatever your reasons, unrooting isn't that difficult–as long as you know what you’re doing. All you need is Dr.fone - Android Toolkit.

Dr.fone - Android Toolkit is a software that is focused on the mobile phone industry, and you can use it to solve almost all the problems that you encounter during the use of an Andriod phone. For example, data backup, data restore, data recovery, remove the lock screen on Android, data erase and so on. So, using Dr.fone - Android Toolkit to give your Android cell phone unroot is no longer a difficult thing. You can do it in a simple two step. The important thing is that there is no damage to your Android handset during the unroot process.

If you have no unroot experience, please read the following instructions carefully to ensure that the operation is correct.


Steps to Unroot Your Android Phone

Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone to PC

Download and install dr.fone - Root (Android) on your computer in advance. After launching it, find and click on "Root" among all the toolkits. At the same time, connect your mobile phone and computer with data cables.

Step 2. Unroot your Android phone

When the connection is successful, the software will automatically detect the root status of your device. Then click on the "Unroot" button to start unroot the phone. After a few seconds, your phone will be unrooted again.

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