How to Unlock iPhone XR, Remove Lock Screen Passcode/Apple ID/iCloud Account from iPhone XR

Summary: If you forget the lock screen password of iPhone XR, don’t worry. This article will provide two methods to help you unlock iPhone XR.

iPhone XR is an excellent smart device. In appearance, the body of the iPhone XR is made of aeronautical aluminum. There are six colors: white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and red. In terms of screens, the iPhone XR uses a 6.1-inch LCD screen and supports a 120Hz refresh rate. In terms of core configuration, the body of the iPhone XR is equipped with a 7nm process A12 bionic chip, uses TrueDepth camera, and supports Face ID function. As for the camera, the iPhone XR has a 7-megapixel front camera that supports Face ID recognition technology. In terms of selfies, it not only supports portrait mode and portrait light effects, but also supports intelligent HDR and cinema-level video image stabilization. In addition, the rear of the iPhone XR uses a 12 million single-camera solution, which allows it to support more professional portrait modes.

After buying the iPhone XR, many users are very satisfied with its performance. Based on customers’ protection of their privacy, they will set a password to protect their privacy after purchasing the iPhone XR. However, sometimes users cannot change their iPhone passwords and forget their passwords, which makes it impossible to unlock the phone. And led to their own iPhone XR lock screen time is very long. In order to provide users with useful help, this article will introduce two methods to users to unlock iPhone XR easily.

iPhone iPad Unlocker is the best tool for users to unlock iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. First, it is compatible with almost all iOS device models, of course include your iPhone XR. Secondly, its operation is very simple to get started, even senior users can complete the operation alone. So far, many users have successfully unlocked their iPhone using iPhone iPad Unlocker. Next, let me introduce you to the specific steps to unlock your iPhone.


Part 1 Bypass the Lock Screen on iPhone XR

Step 1: Download iPhone Unlocker to the computer and start it. Then select “Wipe Passcode” mode on the software homepage and click on “Start”.

Tips: You need to know that erasing the lock screen on the iPhone XR means that you will delete all data on the iPhone XR and update it to the latest iOS version.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone XR to the computer with a USB cable, and then confirm your device information on the computer’s page. After confirming that it is correct, click the “Start” button to continue.

Step 3: Now, the program will download the firmware package of the device. After the download is successful, click “Unlock” on the page to delete the screen password.

Then, an unlock confirmation interface will pop up on the iPhone XR page, please enter “0000” to confirm the unlock.

Note: Please make sure not to disconnect the iPhone XR from the computer during the entire unlocking process.

Part 2 Remove Apple ID/iCloud Account from iPhone XR

Step 1. Run iPhone iPad Unlocker on your computer, and choose “Remove Apple ID” mode on the homepage.

Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone XR to computer, once it’s recognized, you need to tap “Trust” on your device.

Step 3. Removing Apple ID/iCloud account will wipe all data on your device, if you are confirmed, click “Start” button to directly remove your Apple ID/iCloud account.

It is worth noting that if “Find My iPhone” is enabled on your device, you need to go to Settings > General > Reset to reset all settings on your device. You may need to enter the passcode on this step, please enter it and confirm “Reset All Settings”.

Wait until it’s done, your device will start removing Apple ID automatically.

Note: Please remember don’t erase all content and settings on your iPhone XR, or it will be linked to the original Apple ID permanently. And do not use iTunes to update or restore your iPhone XR, or it will be blocked from the original Apple ID permanently.

Part 3 Remove Screen Time Passcode on iPhone XR

Using this method, you can directly unlock the screen time password and retrieve the restricted password without losing any data in the iPhone XR. But users first need to disable Find My iPhone on iPhone XR.

Step 1: Run iPhone iPad Unlocker on the computer, and then select “Screen Time” mode.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone XR to the computer with a USB cable. Then click the “Start” button to continue. Wait patiently, the software will automatically unlock the screen time password on the iPhone XR for you. Then the screen password on your device will be deleted, and you can use your iPhone XR with confidence.

Note: After unlocking Screen Time passcode, you need to re-set up iPhone XR without data loss.

Part 4 Export/Backup Data from iPhone XR to Computer

Accidents are always ubiquitous, and the importance of cell phone data as to us can be imagined. Therefore, regularly backing up our cell phone data can make us worry free. Mobile Transfer is a highly praised data management software, which allows you to transfer data from phone to phone, as well as backing up and restoring your phone data. Next, let’s show to how to backup your iPhone XR data by using this software.

Step 1: Download, install and run this Mobile Transfer on your computer, then click on “Back Up Your Phone” to go on.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone XR to computer via its USB cable.

Step 3: Once your device is detected, all the transferable file types will be listed, tick the items you need, then click on “Start Transfer” to export the selected contents.