[Fix Bricked HTC] How to Unroot a HTC Phone

“Help me, help me, my mobile phone becomes a brick,what am I gonna do?To explain this question, I have to start from the upgrade of my mobile phone. My HTC mobile phone system is Android 4.1,While I was watching the news that Google officially launched the Android 6 system.In order to experience the new features and new features of Android 6 system, I brush it according to the online tutorial .However,this lead to a lousy result.What should I do now?” This is letter from Judi which asking for help.

Hello, Judi. We have received your letter. Don’t worry, your problem can be solved. You only need to download a software – HTC Data Recovery. HTC Data Recovery is a secure and professional software which also well-known as the World’s 1st Android Data Recovery for Smartphones & Tablets. You can scan, preview and recover the lost and deleted data including Text Messages,Photos,Contacts,WhatsApp Messages,Videos,Call Log,Audio Files,Documents and more via this powerful program. What is more,you can fix the bricked HTC phone, as well as any other Android devices with a click by using this data recovery software.

Through this software, you can repair your mobile phone which has been bricked. Hurry to experience it? Now please free download the tool by clicking the buttons below, and follow our tutorial to repair your HTC phone.


[Fix] One Click to Unbrick Your HTC Phone

Step 1. Launch the HTC Data Recovery on Your PC

Firstly, download and install the software on the computer from our official website or simple click the above buttons. Then, run it on your PC. When you run the software, a window will pops up as below.

Step 2. Connect Your HTC Phone

Please connect your bricked HTC phone to PC via USB. After that, click on “Fix My Bricked Phone” on the lower right corner of the primary interface.

Step 3. Make Your HTC Into Download Mode

After a successful connection,program will pop up the window as below which is about to choose a suitable mode for your device. Choose one from the displayed situations on the popup window.

Then,you should manually turn your mobile phone into download mode. Please carry out the following three steps:

1. Completely shut off your HTC phone.
2. Concurrently press “Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button” on your Android mobile phone for several seconds.
3. Press the “volume up” to enter download mode.

Step 4. Check Your Mobile Phone Models

After mobile phone getting into the download mode, the program will automatically detect your HTC phone models and other information, and show to you in the window. Then, click the “Next”.

Step 5. Restart Your HTC Phone

The program will resume download package to repair your mobile phone to a normal state. When the recovery package download is completed, reboot your HTC phone to Android.

Wow, how easy to operate it is. It is a excellent choice to choose HTC Data Recovery, isn’t is? Please don’t forget that you can also use this tool to restore the lost or deleted content from your HTC phone as well as any other Android phones and tablets with ease.