How to Speed Up iPhone 7/7 Plus, Free Up More Space on iPhone 7/7 Plus

Any phone cannot avoid the phenomenon of card, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is no exception. So, what do you do when you find that iPhone7/7 Plus is running slowly? Do you want to speed up your iPhone 7/7 Plus one click?

First of all, we must know what is the cause of this situation. In general, the more data stored in the phone, the phone running speed will slow down accordingly. So we need to optimize the system regularly. And it seems that it is not a simple thing. If you don’t have any tools to help, even if you speed up your phone, it doesn’t achieve the desired effect. Therefore, this is the reason why there will be a variety of acceleration tools on the market. Professional software can really solve our needs.

iPhone Data Eraser can one click to clean up your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Of course, it is not only used for these two phones, other iOS devices can also use it. Once you use iPhone Data Eraser, your iPhone 7/7 Plus will be able to quickly optimize and accelerate, junk files and unneccessary background processes can be removed. Please be assured that it will only optimize your phone, and will not damage the phone data. In addition, iPhone Data Eraser also has other features, if you need to permanently delete the phone data, you can also use it.


Steps to Free Up More Space on iPhone 7/7 Plus

Step 1. Run the iPhone Data Eraser and connect the iPhone 7/7 Plus

Download and run SafeEraser, and then use the USB cable to connect your iPhone 7/7 Plus to your computer. When iPhone 7/7 Plus is successfully connected to the computer, you will see the following interface.

Step 2. Select the erased mode

You can see six icons in the main interface, each icon represents a function. Because you need to speed up your phone, click on the sixth “iOS Optimizer” to optimize your phone.

Step 3. Analyze and scan your iPhone 7/7 Plus

When you enter the new window, there is a “Start Scan” button in the lower right corner, please click on it, then the program will begin scanning your phone and it may take you a few minutes.

Step 4. Select file and start optimizing your iPhone 7/7 Plus

When the scan process is over, the data that can be optimized will be listed in the window, check the data you need to optimize, click “Cleanup”. After the end of the process, SafeEraser will automatically reboot your device and then shows how much space you’ve saved.