11 Ways to Get iPhone Out Of Headphones Mode

Summary: Learn how to resolve the iPhone stuck in headphone mode issue in this guide. We will show you the most simple way to fix your iPhone that stucking on headphone mode without losing data.

“My iPhone suddenly stuck in the headphone mode, and no matter how I did it, it didn’t respond. I use the computer to find the relevant methods on the Internet. Some people say that the iPhone card has no sound on the earphone mode, and only earphones are inserted. We can fix the phone by forcing it off. I tried this method, but my iPhone still didn’t respond. Do I have to go to a professional repair shop? But I don’t have time to go now. Anyone who can help? Thanks in advance!” – Asked by Sessions from Official Apple Support Community.

Although iOS is one of the most excellent mobile operating systems in the world, it is inevitable that there will be various system errors in its daily use. In addition to the common problem of being stucked in recovery mode/DFU mode/Apple logo screen, stucking in headphones mode is also a thorny problem that plagus many iPhone users.

So, why iPhone stuck in Headphones mode? Most of the time, this is caused by hardware and other related problems. Although it may also be a software related problem, more than 99% of the situation that your iPhone stucking on headphone mode is because its headphone jack seems to be out of order. When you come across such a issues, please don’t worry, here are some common solutions:

Tip 1. Restart your iPhone
Tip 2. Remove your iPhone’s cover
Tip 3. Clean the headphone jack properly
Tip 4. Plug and unplug the headphones
Tip 5. Check for water damage
Tip 6. Plug headphone while playing music
Tip 7. Turn on/off Airplane Mode
Tip 8. Connect it with a Bluetooth speaker
Tip 9. Update your iPhone to a stable iOS version
Tip 10. Get your iPhone return to factory settings

If unfortunately, none of the above methods can solve your problem, please don’t worry. You still have the last effective way, that is the iOS System Recovery.

iOS System Recovery is an all-in-one yet professional data & system recovery software, which allows you to repair various of iOS system issues at home. There are many types of iOS system issues, for example, iPhone can’t get out of DFU mode, stuck in headphones mode, stuck in Apple logo screen, restarts endlessly, iTunes error, etc.. And almost all of these issues can be repaired by using iOS System Recovery. More importantly, it will only repair your iOS system without deleting or damaging data and settings in your device. Its steps are simple, and you can see that each step is accompanied by detailed instructions. You don’t have to worry that the software is not compatible with your iPhone, and that almost all iOS devices can use it, including iPhone series, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad, iPod touch and so on.


One Click to Repair iPhone That Stuck On Headphones Mode

Step 1. Launch iOS System Recovery and connect your iPhone to PC

Install and run the iOS System Recovery on your computer, and connect your iPhone to computer at the same time.

Click “More tools” on the main interface, and then select “iOS System Recovery” in the displayed window. After that, press the “Start” button to repair the iPhone stuck in the headphone mode.

Step 2. Let your iPhone into the recovery mode

According to your iPhone model, follow the instructions below to get your phone into the recovery mode. iOS system recovery will try to automatically identify the iPhone stuck in the headphone mode problem. After that, click “Confirm”, and then you will enter the recovery mode.

Step 3. Download the firmware that conforms to the model

After entering the DFU/recovery mode, the software will let you choose your phone model. Select the correct firmware according to the phone type, then click download to download the repaired device plug-in. It takes only a few minutes to complete the download.

Step 4. Fix iPhone that stuck in headphones mode

When iPhone enters the recovery mode, please read and confirm your iPone information, then click the “Repair” button to download the plug-in and restore iPhone. Wait a while, the software will automatically complete the repair process, and when the repair is completed, your iPhone will start. Then you will successfully pull your iPhone out of the headphones mode.

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