How to Fix iPhone iPad Stuck In Apple Logo Screen On iOS 9/iOS 10

“I just upgraded my iPad air 2 to the latest iOS 10 beta 1, a very smooth upgrade, however, when I reinstalled a game my favorite on my iPad, it came into Apple logo looping, no matter how I operate, it can not normal work, how can I do now, need I ask someone to repair it? Please help!!!!!”

“How can I do to restore my iPhone 6 to normal after downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.3, it stucking in white Apple logo screen and I am helpless now, anyone who can hele, please?”

As the first gift of the New Year, in the 1st morning, we finally got a second test version of iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.2.1 beta 2. This released version is the same time for developers and public testers, after the upgrade is completed, the latest build number is 13D14. The same with the previously released iOS 9.2.1 beta 1, the new updated beta 2 also did not specify what new content have been updated. As we all know, iOS 9.2 is the second major update of the iOS 9 system, it fixed a lot of bugs for the system.

Therefore, according to the conventional estimation, like this small version of the iOS 9.2.1 update, it is generally main to improve system performance and function. From the feedbacks of some have been updated users, we can know that some system bugs and abnormalities from the control center and the status bar had been repaired. But there are many users complained that the iOS device appears to have increased power consumption.

For the users have not received an iOS 9.2.1 beta 2 upgrade reminder, you can refresh the device’s software update option, you should be able to receive the updated notifications. Or you can go to the official website of Apple Developer Center to download firmware to updates. The upgrade of the capacity is very small, only about 34.6M, 10 minutes to be complete updated. iOS 9.2.1 should be a final test version of Apple iOS system before the press conference in March, after completion it will directly upgrade to iOS 9.3.3/iOS 10, and use as the OS of the rumored new 4 inches iPhone. Just because of this, more and more users no matter using iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are willing to upgrade to the new iOS. However, due to the instability of test system, many usres complain that their device is stucking at white screen, Recovery Mode, Apple logo, black screen and so on. This seems to be unavoidable, but please don’t worry, you can one click to fix the abnormal iOS by use iOS System Recvoery tool.

iOS System Recvoery (Windows & Mac) is the world’s 1st data recovery software, with it most professional and powerful functions, you can not only restore the lost or deleted data on your iOS device in three effective ways, back up and restore your iDevice’s data, but also fix the abnormal operating system to normal in one click no matter your iPhone iPad is stuck on recovery mode, Apple logo screen, white screen or blank screen.


Now, you can free download a trial version providing by the program on your Windows or Mac computer, and follow the belows steps to simple repair your iOS to normal.

One Click to Get iPhone iPad iPod Out of Apple Logo Screen on iOS 9/iOS 10

Step 1. Connect your iDevice to the Program

Launch the iOS System Recvoery on your computer, and click the last tap “More Tools” on the left column of the primary interface, and click on “iOS System Recovery”. Then connect your abnormal iOS device including iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the same computer by using its USB data line.

The program will recognizes your device soon, after that, press “Start” to go on.

Step 2. Select and Download Firmware for Your Device

To fix the abnormal iOS, you need to select and download the corresponding firmware for your iOS device first, the program will according to your device to match the latest appropriate firmware, after recognization, just click on “Download” to let the program to executive the routine automatically.

Step 3. Fix Your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch to Normal

Once the download is finished, the iOS System Recovery will continuously start repairing the abnormal iOS, help your iOS device exitting recovery mode and Apple logo looping, or get your iDevice back on track. After a little while, the software will tell you that your device is restarting to normal mode. The whole process of repairing your iOS device operating system takes you less than 10 minutes.

Now you’re able to use your iOS device as usual again.


In addition, iOS Data Recovery can not only repair the operating system, you can also help you restore the deleted or lost data, including Contacts, text messges, WhatsApp messges, iMessages, Photos, Videos, Call History, Calendars, Note, ect. If you find you even lost data after the iOS upgrade, you can scanning to get the lost data back with ease.

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