How to Erase Deleted Data from iPhone before Selling

Before I am ready to replace the new iPhone 6, the first thing is to learn how to deal with the old iOS equipment, specially when you gonna to resell or give it away your old iPhone to others. So the first thing you need to do is to make sure your old iPhone device’s information keep safely, and let others knows. But you have to guarantee that your iPhone data has been ready to backup on computer or iCloud, or the data will be deleted and won’t be able to get it back forever.

So, I have try to delete all my files on the old iPhone. Now, the old iPhone looks nothing on it, but the deleted data really deleted completely? If it isn’t think so. What I worry about is that the deleted data will be recovered by others on my resold iPhone. It sounds so bad.

Manually delete the information stored on the iPhone, even though you have reset the iPhone factory setting, but others also can recover the deleted data with 3rd party recovery software tool easily. The expert reminds we’d better use the professional iPhone Data Eraser to erase deleted data from your iPhone permanently.

Simple deletion is not enough, with iPhone Data Eraser you can easily erase deleted data on your old iPhone/iPad/iPod permanently. By another way, it can also erase all the data on your iOS device. 100% permanent erasure of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Data,nothing recoverable.

iPhone Data Eraser- It is no problem to delete any data on iPhone permanently and Erase Deleted Data on iPhone Permanently. To protect your personal information safe with iPhone Data Eraser, wipe all files/deleted files on your iOS device permanently.


Steps to Wipe Deleted Data from iPhone Permanently

Step 1. Installation, run iPhone Data Eraser on your computer

Download and install iOS Data Eraser or iOS Data Eraser for Mac on your computer,Launch it and connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2.Star to analyze and scanning the data

Then you need to choose a suitable delete mode,here you can Click “Erase Deleted Files“,then Click “Start Scan” to start analyzing and scanning your deleted iPhone data.

Scan data may take you some time, please be patient

Step 3.Select the deleted data to view detailed information after scanning

Step 4.Click Erase to erase the selected files

You will be prompted to type the word ‘delete’ to confirm the permanent deletion of the data.

Once deletion is complete, the window will display ‘Successfully erased’

Note:100% safely and nothing recoverable forever.


How to Wipe all data from the iPhone before the shot?Removed manually is obviously not possible, the iOS Data Eraser tool may try, a very powerful tool for Data delete, delete Data with this software is unrecoverable, delete before need to be backed up.