How to Enable and Configure NFC on Android

Perhaps you often hear the word NFC referring to new smartphones, but few people really know it, let alone use it. In this article, we will introduce this feature and teach you how to use it on Android phones.

NFC stands for near field communication. In essence, this is a way for your mobile phone to interact with nearby things. It is very convenient to transfer data between two devices. Whether you want to send photos, videos, files or pay, NFC can make it easy for you.

It operates within a radius of approximately 4 cm and provides a wireless connection between your device and another device. For example, there are two devices that support NFC. If they are close to each other, they can communicate with each other. Both devices can send and receive information, which is two-way communication. This NFC connection does not depend on Wi Fi, 3G, LTE or other methods. Communication is carried out by radio frequency. And it doesn’t cost anything to use.
You can easily find NFC by directly pulling down the shortcut setting menu. Then you can click the “NFC” switch to activate it.

You can also open Settings > more or Settings > wireless and network
If your Android phone has NFC, you need to activate the chip and Android beam to use NFC:

  1. Go to Settings > wireless and network.
  2. Click the “NFC” switch to start. The Android beam function will also be turned on automatically.
  3. If Android beam does not start automatically, just click it and select “yes” to start it.
    After you activate NFC, you can start using NFC on Android.
    However, you must pay attention to the following items in order to successfully share data.
    ♢ both sending and receiving mobile phones must activate NFC and Android beam.
    ♢ neither device should be in sleep or locked state.
    ♢ do not separate your device before launch.
    Then, what you need to do is go to the file or photo you want to send, and then click on the device together. In this case, you don’t even need to select any “send by” option. Place the equipment back to back. When it asks to confirm the transfer, you just need to click “touch send”. When the two devices detect each other, you will get audio and tactile feedback. When the file or content is successfully transferred, you will hear audio feedback.
    NFC provides the fastest way to establish a connection between electronic devices, and provides the fastest solution for file transmission between short-range mobile phones. It is fast and simple. NFC is very useful even if you have no credit, no data, no Wi Fi or operator signal, or no cable for PC transmission.