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How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

I have many friends are considering transfer android to the iPhone camp. Such as iPhone 5,iPhone 5S,and iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus.because this devices have better Screen, faster, good user interface. For android users, they are a nice Christmas present.

Just like people from PC to Mac camp won't come back, if you transfer files from android to iPhone, you also can't come back again. Everything will be okay, and there are so many (mobile phone) to choose by mobile phone users. Although the latest survey data show that the Android market as high as 80% in the global scope,but more and more people are enjoying the iPhone,because iPhone is not only the representative of high-tech mobile phone,but also a kind of iPhone collection culture.

And if you have own an iPhone,you will need to transfer music and more from your old android mobile phone to iPhone 6/5/5s/5/4S/4.Some people are want to search the answer on Google just like how can i transfer my data from android mobile to iPhone?How to transfer contacts from android to iPhone?How to transfer music and more from android to iPhone?Please help!!!

But i can tell you the best and easy way to transfer music,contacts,videos,photos and more from android to iPhone with the third-party software tool-Phone to Phone transfer.With Phone to Phone Transfer you can transfer all data from android to iPhone,including music,contacts,photos,apps,etc.

Next, let us show you the trial version for free and just several steps to transfer all data to iPhone.


Steps to Transfer music from android to iPhone

Step 1 Install and Start the program

Download the right version and install it on your computer. Start the program and enter"Phone to Phone Transfer" as below.

Step 2 Connect both phones for detection

You will be asked to connect your Android to iPhone via USB cable once enter the main interface of Phone Transfer. And the software can detect your Android and iPhone automatically. Once detected, both your phone will be listed as the destination and the source device separately.

Note:Click “Flip” if you want to change the position between iPhone and Android.

Step 3. Transfer music from Android to iPhone

If you want to transfer your songs, you should check Music only. As you can see, you are able to transfer songs, photos, videos, contacts, etc. between two different phones. Choose the data you want and click on "Start Copy" button to begin to transfer all your Android songs to iPhone. When the data transferring completes, just click "OK" button to end it.


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