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How to Recover Deleted/Lost Photos Videos from Samsung S8/S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8 is a new generation of Samsung flagship phone. If the first appearance of the evolution of the phone screen is to replace the physical keyboard, then Samsung has created a great sense of science and technology in the future shape, so that the screen, such as water flowing throughout the front and the border. Looking ahead, only the screen. Samsung Galaxy S8 series are designed with double curved surface, S8 5.8 inches, S8+ is 6.2 inches, with a resolution of 2960 x 1440. With the sale and use of new phones, there will certainly be data loss and recovery, but most people do not know how to recover data. A powerful software is needed at this time.

A practical computer software - Android Data Recovery, it will be able to help people like you who face this problem. This software is specifically designed to recover data, and the recovery rate is the industry's first. Because of its powerful features and simple operation, it has been used by people who think it is very good. It can help you recover the data lost due to a variety of reasons, such as system crash, delete, system upgrades, forget the password and so on. It is suitable for almost all Android phones on the market, of course, can adapt to Samsung Galaxy S8. So, it's a piece of cake for it to recover the deleted photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+.

Following, we will show you the simple steps to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, please read it carefully, it certainly can help you.


Steps to Recover Deleted & Lost Photos Videos from Your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Step 1. Connect Your Samsung Phone to PC

First of all, download and run the Android Data Recovery on your computer. Next, find and click "Data Recovery" from the main interface function. Then, use the USB cable to connect your Samsung S8/S8+ to computer and open the USB debugging on your phone.

Note: Please make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Android phone in connection.

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan

When the connection is successful, you can see all the data types that can be restored, such as photos, messages, contacts and so on. All you have to do is select the photos and videos. And then click "Next".

Step 3. Choose the Scanning Mode to Scan Your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

The next step is to select the scan mode, which is divided into "Standard mode" and "Advanced mode", you can read the instructions to understand the difference between them and choose one of them. We recommend that you use the "Standard mode" first because it has a faster speed. if you can not find the photos and videos you want, then select "Advanced mode". Now, click "Start" to scan your phone.

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to continue.

Step 4. Previewing to Recover Your Data Selectively

When the scan is complete, you can preview the photos and videos one by one. Check the items you wanted, and click "Recover" to save them all back from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ to your computer.

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